Bandai Classic Godzilla Mini Figure 24 Piece Blind Bag Box


Bandai Classic Godzilla 3 Inch Mini Figures 24 Piece Blind Bag Counter Box.

Collect the King of Monsters as a stylized mini figure. This blind bagged assortment features 8 different kaiju figures in various stances/positions to collect.

Each Figure Stands Approximately 2-3 Inches Tall and Requires Minor Assembly.

The different figures included in this case that you can receive are Godzilla (1964), Godzilla (1984), Godzilla (1996), Mechagodzilla (1974), Rodan (1956), Space Godzilla (1994), King Ghidorah (1991), and Mothra (1992).

A Blind Bag is a Type of Packaging that Completely Hides its Contents. Blind Bags are Identical in Every Way and Nobody (Including Us) Knows Which Figure is Inside. Specific Figures Listed and Shown are Not Guaranteed to be Packed Inside this Case.

This Case is Brand New. Each Blind Bag is Factory Sealed. The Outer Box does have a perforation Around Godzilla’s Head as You Can See in one of the Photos. This is How it was Received.

Pictures are for Illustrative Purposes Only.

We Do Not Guarantee Box Condition on these Cases/Boxes.

If You Have Any Questions on this Box, Let Us Know.