Beast Kingdom Disney Wreck it Ralph 2 Jasmine 6 Inch PVC Statue


Beast Kingdom Disney Wreck it 2 Ralph Breaks The Internet D-Stage DS-025 Jasmine 6 Inch PVC Diorama Statue.

2018 marked the release of the Disney Animated fan favorite: Wreck It Ralph 2. Vanellope von Schweetz meets all the Disney princess from yesteryear, convincing them to part ways with their classic get-ups, and join her world of comfortable T-Shirts and Jammies.

Beast Kingdom proudly presents the D-Stage Wreck It Wralph 2 line of detailed dioramas fit for any princess. Collect all five princess themed fitting rooms where they are joined by Venellope herself, finding some serious 21st century TLC in the process. Explore each princesses' exclusive clothing, accessories and even their hobbies.

Here we have Jasmine with her Pet Tiger and Vanellope.

This Statue Measures Approximately 6 Inches Tall and Comes in Window Box Packaging.

This Statue is Brand New and Factory Sealed.