Beast Kingdom Marvel Avengers Endgame I am Iron Man PVC Diorama

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Beast Kingdom Marvel Avengers Endgame I am Iron Man PVC Diorama.


When Thanos wipes half of all living creates in the universe, the remaining Avengers band together for a trip across time to bring back their friends for one last stand against the mad titan.

With the final battle nearly lost, Iron Man manages to snap all Infinity Stones in one final act of bravery taking the task of reversing the damage caused by Thanos upon himself. In the now famous pose, Iron Man in his Mark 85 suit is seen kneeling on the ground, ready to snap his fingers.

With all Infinity Stones in place, the electric current of a thousand stars courses through Tony's human body, causing cracks in his armor. Accurately re-creating this famous scene the D-Stage-081 matches Tony Stark with a detailed 3D backdrop including a fallen Avengers logo. With his final words of "I Am Iron Man" uttered, the last ever sacrifice from Iron Man was delivered and movie magic was made.

This Diorama Measures Approximately 6 Inches Tall and Comes in Window Box Packaging.

This Diorama is Brand New and Factory Sealed.