Eaglemoss WWE Iconic Tag Team Rock N Sock Connection


Eaglemoss WWE Collection WWE Iconic Tag Team Rock ’N’ Sock Connection.

The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment and Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy, two Superstars that couldn’t be more different team up as The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection in our WWE Championship Collection.

As strong as they were as rivals, they were even better as partners, with The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection becoming one of the WWE Universe’s most beloved tag teams. The Rock and Mankind, who recently started using a sock named Mr. Socko, teamed up in 1999 against The Undertaker and Big Show after they attacked The Rock on Raw. As a team, they captured the WWF Tag Team Titles from them and held the titles two more times afterwards.

These fantastic metal resin The Rock ’n’ Sock Connection figurines capture the wrestlers in the attire they wore in their iconic match. The Rock is captured in his 1999 attire in the classic muscle pose with the raised eyebrow. The Mankind is captured with a leather mask in a white shirt with black tie and Mr Socko smiling on his right hand.

This fantastic WWE Iconic Tag Team: Rock ’N’ Sock Connection Double comes with two officially approved 16 page magazines. Written by WWE experts, the magazines take a look at The Rock and Mankind’s careers, their greatest matches, signature moves and the history of the WWE organization.

These Metallic Resin Figurines are Designed in 1:16 Scale and Stands Approximately 4-5 Inches Tall Each.

Figurines comes Packaged in a Full Color Window Box.

This Figurine Double Pack is Brand New and Factory Sealed.