Fanwraps Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Passenger Window Decal


Fanwraps Star Wars Ahsoka Tano Passenger Window Decal.

The passenger series is made from perforated vinyl and showcases a life sized character head applied to the window. The graphic is see through and diffuses the suns rays to combine a cool and functional window wrap.

They’ll never see it coming. A Jedi and your car? More likely than you think. Add our new Ahsoka Tano passenger wrap to your vehicle for the ultimate Star Wars ride. Apply the wrap to the outside of your car’s window glass.

The passenger series requires Do It Yourself installation. The perforated vinyl decal is made from automotive grade materials that are UV and water resistant. Easy to peel from backing material. In addition to looking cool, the passenger series diffuses the sun’s rays.

Passenger series includes instructions on the packaging for step by step guidance to install your new window graphic.

Layout Sheet Size is 12.75 inches by 14.8 inches.

This Window Decal is Brand New and Factory Sealed.