Eaglemoss Alien Covenant Lifter Ship Replica


Eaglemoss Alien Covenant Lifter Ship Replica.

The Alien Covenant Lifter allocated to the USCSS Covenant was a workmanlike ship designed to lift and lug cargo and never meant for deep space travel. However, after some of the Covenant’s crew were attacked while surveying the surface of a planet, the Lifter had to be employed as a last resort lifeboat. It completed a rough descent to the planet and an alien was crushed in the jaws of its crane, before it returned the surviving members of the crew to their vessel.

Measures Approximately 7.3 Inches Long. Includes Display Stand.

Limited Edition. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Color Box Packaging.

Note: This Ship Arrived to us Brand New and Factory Sealed.

We Opened and Inspected It.