Soap Studio Tom and Jerry Musketeers Bust


Soap Studio Tom and Jerry Musketeers Bust.

Soap Studio presents the Tom and Jerry Musketeers Bust.

Tom has been ordered to ensure the banquet runs smoothly under the threat of being executed. While the Musketeers Jerry and Tuffy broke into the banquet to ruin the party. Looks like a war is coming.

This vinyl bust combining the guard Tom and two Musketeers Jerry and Tuffy, which is inspired from one of the classic scenes. I can tell Tom must be losing in this fight again from the face of cocky Jerry and Tuffy and the angry Tom.

Product Specifications:
License: Tom and Jerry

Product Type: Bust

Product Size: 9.84" H (249.94 mm) x 8.66" W (219.96 mm) x 9.05" D (229.87 mm) *

Materials: Vinyl

Manufactured by: Soap Studio

Prototype Shown. Final Product May Be Slightly Different.

Limited Edition.

Note: This Bust Arrived to us Brand New and Factory Sealed.

We Opened and Inspected It.