X-Plus Toho Godzilla 1991 Battle of Abashiri Yuji Sakai Figure


X-Plus Toho Godzilla 1991 The Fierce Battle of Abashiri Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection 11 Inch Figure.

A New Godzilla from the 1991 The Fierce Battle of Abashiri. Produced and modeled by Yuji Sakai is now available as part of the Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Soft Vinyl Series. This figure recreates the scene from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (Released in 1991) in which King Ghidorah comes flying in and lands in the wilderness of Abashiri while Godzilla momentarily bends backwards due to the intense wind pressure caused by the creature's flight.

Using an incredibly effective technique for soft vinyl figures, Mr. Sakai oversees the coloring process of the figure. Experiencing this model up close is a must for any fan.

Product Specifications:
License: Godzilla

Product Type: Collectible Figure

Materials: PVC

Manufactured by: X-Plus

Limited Edition

18x15x13 Box Size.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.