Super 7 Transformers Ultimates Optimus Prime 7 Inch Scale Figure


Super 7 Transformers Ultimates Optimus Prime 7 Inch Scale Action Figure.

There is no better way to roll out a new collection of Transformers than with the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime !!! Based on his look from the original G1 cartoon.

This 7 Inch Highly Articulated Deluxe Action Figure is made to order and includes a variety of unique interchangeable parts, like his G1 toy accurate head, his jet pack, a surfboard, and a basketball! Recreate Optimus Prime's basketball game from “The Master Builders” episode, catch a giant wave as seen in “The Ultimate Doom,” or get him under control with Energon restraints as seen in “SOS Dinobots!” The Transformers Ultimates G1 Optimus Prime toy can do it all. Add Optimus Prime and the rest of the first wave of Transformers Ultimates to your collection today.

Figure Stands Approximately 7 Inches Tall.

Packaged in Deluxe Packaging as Shown.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

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We Do Not Guarantee Box Condition or Paint on these Figures.

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