McFarlane Toys House of the Dragon Caraxes Figure


McFarlane Toys House of the Dragon Caraxes Figure.

From the House of the Dragon television series comes an impressive figure of the dragon Caraxes from McFarlane Toys. Fiercest of all the young dragons in the Dragon pit, Caraxes was once the mount of Prince Aemon Targaryen, son of Jaeherys and uncle to both Daemon and Viserys I, but he became Daemon’s mount by the year 105 AC. Nicknamed the Blood Wyrm for both his color and his brutal tendencies—he is savage, cunning and battle tested—Caraxes has a noticeable appetite.

Includes Caraxes Figure, Pair of Attachable Wings and Base.

This Non Articulated Plastic Figure Stands Approximately 7.90 Inches Tall.

Comes in Full Color Window Box Packaging As Shown.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

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