Royal Bobbles Donald Trump Polyresin Bobblehead


Royal Bobbles Donald Trump Polyresin Bobblehead.

Embrace political memorabilia with the Donald Trump Bobblehead by Royal Bobbles! Standing boldly at 7.5 inches, this collectible pays homage to the 45th President of the United States.

Meticulously crafted, it captures Trump's iconic hairstyle and confident stance, embodying his larger than life persona. Hand-painted with meticulous detail, this bobblehead adds a touch of presidential charm to any collection or display.

Did you know Donald Trump was a successful businessman and reality television personality before entering politics? Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, this bobblehead offers a unique memento of a polarizing figure in American history. Bring a piece of presidential legacy into your home with this captivating bobblehead.

This Polyresin Bobblehead Stands Approximately 7.5 Inches Tall.

Comes in Color Box Packaging as Shown.

Note: This Bobblehead Arrived to us Brand New and Factory Sealed.

We Opened and Inspected It.