McFarlane Toys Spawn Wave 6 Reaper Action Figure


McFarlane Toys Spawn Wave 6 Reaper Action Figure.

After receiving Spawn’s help as a child, Eddie Frank was left in a violent home and forced to protect his younger brother against their abusive father. Years later, he would be used as a weapon by the armies of Heaven against his childhood savior. He was turned into a mindless Redeemer and sent to assassinate Al Simmons. Spawn used his powers to free Eddie from the control of Heaven. After an explosion of energy, Eddie awoke from his mind controlled stupor as the newly forged hero, Reaper !!!

This 7 inch scale figure is designed with McFarlane's signature Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range and posing. Each highly detailed figure features unique accessories.

Includes Reaper Figure, 2 Pairs of Hands, Pair of Wings, Scythe and Base.

This Articulated Plastic Figure Stands Approximately 7 Inches Tall.

Comes in Full Color Window Box Packaging As Shown.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

Pictures are for Illustrative Purposes Only.

We Do Not Guarantee Box Condition or Paint on these Figures.

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