Funko POP #556 Marvel Thanos Snap Metallic PX Exclusive 6 Inch Figure


Funko POP #556 Marvel Thanos Snap Metallic PX Exclusive 6 Inch Figure.

At the start of The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos has collected the six Infinity Gems and attached them to his gauntlet. With their combined power, he becomes “like a god” and sets out to win the affection of Mistress Death, the living embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe. When Thanos uses his powers to kill half of the living beings in the universe, Adam Warlock leads Earth's remaining heroes against him. After the Infinity Gauntlet is stolen by Thanos' villainous granddaughter Nebula, Thanos aids the remaining heroes in defeating her. Warlock ultimately obtains the Infinity Gauntlet and uses its power to undo the death and destruction caused by Thanos.

Here we have Thanos in all his 6 Inch glory, wearing the Infinity Gauntlet and unleashing his wrath across the Marvel universe as he stands upon a base of skulls. Oh and did we mention his armor is also Metallic.

Figure Stands Approximately 6 Inches Tall.

Figure Comes in Window Box Packaging as Shown.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

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