Megahouse CF-SP Yamato 2202 Medarua Model Kit


Megahouse Star Blazers 2202 Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love CF-SP Medarua Model Kit.

The Space Battleship Yamato is joining the Cosmo Fleet Special (C.F.SP) series of pre-painted models with an all new 2202 version sculpt. The design of the battleship has been based on the latest addition to the series, Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love.

The body of the model is approximately 6.25 Inches in length, with the ships turrets capable of being rotated as well as interchangeable parts to deploy the safety wings on the sides of the ship.

In addition to the battleship itself, the model also comes complete with an asteroid ring to fully recreate the famous scene from the series! There are two different stands included allowing you to choose one that better suits your collection.

Model Stands Approximately 6.25 Inches Long.

The Model Kit is Packaged in a Color Box.

This Model Kit is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

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