Star Ace Toys Defo-Real Friday the 13th Jason Deluxe Figure


Star Ace Toys Soft Vinyl Defo-Real Series Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Deluxe Vinyl Figure / Statue.

CH-CH-CH-CH – KA – KA -KA -KA. Kill her, Mommy !!!

The Defo-Real Jason Voorhees (Deluxe Version) Vinyl Collectible is about 15 cm (6 inches) tall, carrying a machete in one hand and an axe over his shoulder. His horrifying face is hidden behind a removable hockey mask. This Deluxe version also comes with a metal bear trap on a chain.

The Defo-Real Series (DF) from Star Ace stands 15-25 cm tall, these soft vinyl statues feature accurately sculpted, oversized heads on realistic bodies in dynamic poses. Characters from modern horror movies are particularly suited to being represented in this format and Star Ace looks forward to bringing you your favorites.

Prototype Shown.

Product Specifications:
License: Friday the 13th

Product Type: Vinyl Collectible

Product Size: 6" H (152.4 mm) *

Manufactured by: Star Ace Toys Ltd.

Limited Edition

This Figure/Statue is Brand New and Factory Sealed.