Eaglemoss Horror Collection Gremlins Stripe Resin Figurine


Eaglemoss Horror Collection Gremlins Stripe Resin Figurine.

The mischievous Stripe (Gremlins) Figurine joins The Horror Collection!

Mysterious creatures purchased from a Chinatown antiques store, Mogwai make cute and cuddly pets! Just remember – don’t expose them to sunlight, or they’ll die. Don’t expose them to water, or they’ll multiply. And above all, don’t feed them after midnight – or you’ll get a Gremlin.

Stripe was the ringleader of these animatronic abominations in Gremlins (1984) – this figurine depicts him at 1:8 scale, signature tuft and all!

The Horror Heroes Figurine Collection showcases the most famous fiends in film as hand painted metallic resin Figurines.

Limited Edition.

This Figurine Stands Approximately 4.1 Inches Tall Including Base.

Color Window Box Packaging.

This Figurine is Brand New and Factory Sealed.