Iron Studios Harry Potter Ron Weasley at the Wizard Chess Deluxe Statue

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Iron Studios Harry Potter Ron Weasley at the Wizard Chess Deluxe Statue.

Iron Studios is proud to announce the latest from the Art Scale 1:10 line - Ron Weasley !!! The Ron Weasley at the Wizard Chess Deluxe Art Scale Statue is limited edition polystone and hand painted.

Mounted on a huge black steed in battle armor, represented by a statue that is part of a realistic chess game, the little boy with red hair, Ronald Bílius Weasley, better known as Ron, shrewdly looks at the scenery in front of him, analyzing all the possibilities to win the deadly Wizard’s Chess.

An enchanted version of the classic board game, in Wizard's Chess, the pieces move by themselves when they receive a command from the player, and in a barbaric way, they destroy the opponent's defeated piece. Ron, who is best friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, has great knowledge of chess, and this skill was of great importance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in the scene that is now replicated in the "Ron Weasley at the Wizard Statue" Chess Deluxe Art Scale 1:10 - Harry Potter", adding another historical moment of the saga in the line of Harry Potter collectibles from Iron Studios.

The three friends who recently arrived to study at Hogwarts, begin the search for an artifact with magical properties, the Philosopher's Stone, which is also desired by the Dark Wizard Lord Voldemort, in his search for the Elixir of Life. With the magic stone hidden in Hogwarts, the young wizards face several challenges, finding in the penultimate layer of security, a gigantic Board of Wizard’s Chess. To overcome this obstacle, they take the position of black pieces guided by Ron, where Harry plays as one of the black bishops, Hermione as the Queen's Tower and Ron as a knight, assembling the horse piece to have a better view of the game. After several moves, with the pieces self-destructing, Ron sacrifices himself so that Harry can checkmate and, fortunately, the little red-haired wizard survives the destruction of his horse.

This Harry Potter Ron Weasley at the Wizard Chess Statue Features: **
* Limited Edition
* Made In Polystone
* Based on Original Movie References
* Hand Painted

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Product Specifications:
License: Harry Potter

Materials: Polystone

Product Type: 1:10 Scale Statue

Product Size: 13.7" H (34.8 cm) by 8.6" W (21.8 cm) by 6.6" D (16.8 cm) *

Est. Product Shipping Weight: 8 lbs (3.63 kg) *

Manufactured by: Iron Studios

Prototype Shown. Final Product May Be Slightly Different.

Limited Edition

Shipping Box Size 15x14x11.

Note: This Statue Arrived to us Brand New and Factory Sealed.

We Opened and Inspected It.