Weta Collectibles DC Zack Snyder Justice League Darkseid Statue

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Weta Collectibles DC Zack Snyder’s Justice League Darkseid Statue.

From his throne of stone the malevolent gaze of Darkseid falls once again on the planet Earth. Millenia have passed since the Age of Heroes, when gods, men and immortals united to defend the world, but thoughts of conquest, destruction and revenge burn like fire behind his knitted brow.

The greatest DC villain of them all and the arch enemy of the Justice League, Darkseid rules Apokolips and seeks to conquer the Universe.

Weta Workshop is thrilled to suit up and join Zack Snyder’s Justice League. To celebrate the release of this highly anticipated version, our sculptors have been busy bringing superheroes and supreme villains to life as highly emotive sculptures. Fans of the DC Universe campaigned to see Zack Snyder’s vision of the film that would finally bring heroes together to defend the Earth from its most dire threat. Their efforts have been rewarded with the film’s release on March 18, 2021.

Features 1:4 scale statue in high quality polystone, Portrays Darkseid, supervillain of the DC Universe, who makes his silver screen debut in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Concept created under Zack’s vision and direction. Unique base design featuring additional “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” plaque for display at collector’s preference, Equipped with light up, villainous LED eyes (Requires 3 x LR-44 Batteries, Which are Included), Display Darkseid with or without the Omega banner, Height 593mm (23.35in) excludes banner, Banner measures 1 metre (39.37in) in height and 230mm (9in) in width.

Darkseid was Digitally sculpted from original 3D film files, by Weta Workshop artist Gary Hunt.

Designed in 1/4 Scale.

Product Dimensions: 24.80" x 23.34" x 19.17" (W x H x L) / 63 cm x 59.3 cm x 48.7 cm.

Please Note: Product Images are of a Pre Production Prototype. Each Sculpture is Hand Painted and Minor Variations Will Occur.

This Statue is a Limited Edition Size of 600 Pieces Produced Worldwide.

Note: This Statue Shipping Box is Too Big to Ship Internationally. We Can Only Ship it Within the Contiguous United States.

Note: This Statue Arrived to us Brand New and Factory Sealed.

We Opened and Inspected It.

29x30x23 Shipping Box.

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