X-Plus Revenge of the Creature Gill-man 1/8 Scale Plastic Model Kit


X-Plus Revenge of the Creature Gill-man 1/8 Scale Plastic Model Kit.

Paint and Assembly Required.

After being captured and displayed as a sideshow attraction in the ocean harbor oceanarium in Florida, the creature, is determined to escape and seek his retribution.

This model is a motif inspired by the memorable scene in the first sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon in which the captured creature can be seen chained up in a large aquarium.

Some features of the kit include hands so symbolic that they can be repeatedly seen throughout the film. Their subtle details can clearly be seen in this highly detailed reproduction. Note the details of this version from Revenge of the Creature, the second installment in a three part series, with its distinctive eyes and delicately formed gills.

This kit also comes with some of Florida's lively inhabitants, the French Angelfish seen swimming in the tank with the captured creature. Utilize the diorama base to enjoy a motif reminiscent of the flourishing underwater environs of Florida.

Stands Approximately 11.02 Inches (283cm) Tall.

Comes in a Color Box as Shown.

Paint and Assembly Required.

This Model Kit is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

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