Mezco The Return of The Living Dead Dolls Sadie Doll


Mezco The Return of The Living Dead Dolls Sadie Doll.

“No one cared how she turned up dead, so Sadie chose to rise instead…”

Rejoice - connoisseurs of the creepy, mavens of the macabre, and disciples of the dark, for once again the Living Dead Dolls rise from their crypts. These dolls of the damned feature an all new, high-end, deluxe design to usher in the next generation of Living Dead Dolls.

Beware !!! These dolls are possessed with interchangeable facial expressions and hands, cursed with movable eyes, having arisen post rigor-mortis for new and improved articulation, and damned with loads of interactive accoutrements.

About Sadie: A-tisket a-tasket, Sadie’s escaped her casket !!! The “First Living Dead Doll” comes dressed in her iconic velveteen dress with satin collar and cuffs, Mary Jane shoes, and has a removable shawl and sunglasses for unfortunate daytime outings or to keep the night extra dark and gloomy. Switch between a grave glare or a sinister smirk with her interchangeable “Death Mask” face plates. Her evil eyes are glass like and can move by way of controls inside her head.

Sadie features 18 points of articulation and 5 interchangeable hands which allow for a multitude of devilish display options. She comes complete with a personalized, engraved tombstone, a coffin purse, bouquet of black flowers, meat cleaver, and a matching hetero-chromatic teddy bear that she can cuddle in her crypt.

Mezco The Return of The Living Dead Dolls Sadie Doll Features: **
* Doll Stands Approximately 10 Inches Tall
* Sadie Has Eighteen (18) Points of Articulation
* Two (2) Interchangeable, Expressive “Death Masks”
* Two (2) Movable Eyes
* Five (5) Interchangeable Hands
* One (1) Black Velveteen Dress with Satin Collar and Cuffs
* One (1) Embellished Black Shawl
* One Pair (2) Ruffly White Socks
* One Pair (2) Black Mary Jane Style Shoes
* One (1) Skull Brooch on Front of Dress
* One (1) Pair of Folding Black Sunglasses (Removable)
* One (1) Bouquet of Black Flowers
* One (1) Coffin Purse (Openable)
* One (1) Meat Cleaver
* One (1) Evil Teddy Bear
* One (1) Personalized, Engraved Tombstone
* One (1) Hairbow

Prototype Shown. Final Product May Be Slightly Different.

Sadie Comes packaged in a Coffin Shaped Box.

This Doll is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

Pictures are for Illustrative Purposes Only.

We Do Not Guarantee Box/Package Condition or Paint on these Dolls.

If You Have Any Questions on this Doll, Let Us Know.