FuRyu Hatsune Miku Sakura Miku 2024 Noodle Stopper Figure


FuRyu Hatsune Miku Sakura Miku 2024 Noodle Stopper Figure.

Hatsune Miku, codenamed CV01, is considered the most popular and well known Vocaloid, and the first to become a pop idol. The name of the character comes from merging the Japanese words for first (hatsun), sound (ne), and future (miku), thus meaning "the first sound of the future, referring to her position as the first member of Crypton's "Character Vocal Series."

FuRyu is proud to introduce a new figure to their fan favorite Noodle Stopper series: Hatsune Miku. Dressed in her Sakura Miku outfit, she is seen in an adorable pink and white outfit. Typically standing around 5 inches tall, Noodle Stopper figures were designed to hold down the lid to your cup of ramen to help the noodles cook, giving some functionality to this detailed figure.

This Non Articulated ABS and PVC Figure Stands Approximately 5.90 Inches Tall.

The Figure is Packaged in a Color Box.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

Pictures are for Illustrative Purposes Only.

We Do Not Guarantee Box Condition or Paint on these Figures.

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