Banpresto One Piece King of Artist The Trafalgar Law II Figure


Banpresto One Piece King of Artist The Trafalgar Law II Figure.

One Piece is an extremely popular Japanese franchise that began as a manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy throughout his various adventures as a pirate along with the memorable allies alongside him. This comedic action franchise is the bestselling manga series in history and has expanded to other media formats with terrific success, including a popular anime series and various anime films.

From the smash hit anime series One Piece comes a new version of a fan favorite figure in the King of Artist line: Trafalgar Law. Standing in a battle ready stance, don't miss out on adding this figure to your collection.

This Non Articulated ABS and PVC Figure Stands Approximately 9.1 Inches Tall.

Figure Comes Packaged in a Color Box.

This Figure is Brand New and Factory Sealed.

Pictures are for Illustrative Purposes Only.

We Do Not Guarantee Box Condition or Paint on these Figures.

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